Chromosome Analysis (bone marrow, lymph nodes, stim/umstim blood)

Test Information

Turnaround Time

21 days

CPT Code(s)

88237, 88264, 88280 x2, 88291



Specimen Requirements

Bone Marrow
Lymph Nodes
Stimulated/Unstimulated Blood

Have Questions? Need Support?

Call our laboratory at 1-800-473-9411 or contact one of our Laboratory Genetic Counselors for assistance.
Robin Fletcher, MS, CGC
Kellie Walden, MS, CGC

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Lucy's Story

Lucy's Story

When our daughter Lucy had a metabolic crisis at 7 days old, we were shocked and devastated to find out that she was born with a rare genetic disorder (MSUD). Her newborn screening results did not make it back in time to prevent the crisis, and no one at our local hospital was familiar with the disease. They did not know how to treat her. Calls were made to Greenwood Genetic Center to confirm her diagnosis...

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