Vrolik's Tabulae, Illustrating Normal and Abnormal Development in Man and Mammals (translation of work by Dutch medical scientist, Willem Vrolik, 1854).

The Dutch medical scientist, Willem Vrolik (1801-1863), was one of the pioneers in the field of teratology. His Tabulae includes 100 lithographic plates depicting the outlines of vertebrate embryology and a large selection of congenital anomalies in humans and other mammals. The original Latin and Flemish texts have been translated into English and the plates scanned and enhanced to show their original quality and detail. Also included in this special publication are three appendices that identify papers and essays by Vrolik, list the malformations, disruptions and deformations depicted, and provide notes regarding specific plates or sections of the translation that may be of interest to the reader. The purpose of this translation is to make this important work by Vrolik accessible to all scientists and students in the fields of dysmorphology and clinical genetics, pediatrics, teratology and medical history. Cost is $495.00 which includes shipping, handling, and insurance.

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