Proceedings of the Greenwood Genetic Center, Volumes 12 - 27 (2008)

The Proceedings of the Greenwood Genetic Center was established in 1982 to feature case reports by the staff of the Greenwood Genetic Center. Since its inception, the Proceedings (as of Fall 2003) has published 204 case reports and 3 monographs (Fragile X Syndrome in South Carolina, Mental Retardation in South Carolina, and Fetal Autopsy and its Role in the Delineation and Exploration of Birth Defects). In addition, the Proceedings has featured 5 translations under the "Classics in Clinical Genetics" series and articles based on the Klauber Lectures (a lectureship at the Center to celebrate major milestones in the prevention of birth defects, mental retardation, and related disabilities). Yearly, abstracts from the David W. Smith Workshop on Malformationsand Morphogenesis and the Southern Genetics Group meetings are also published. The Proceedings gains wide exposure among dysmorphologists/clinical geneticists for interesting and/or problematic cases evaluated at the Greenwood Genetic Center. Cost is $30.00 per volume plus shipping and handling.

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