Journey of Discovery

Discovery has always been at the very core of the mission of the Greenwood Genetic Center. Over the last 40+ years, GGC has built a reputation for discovery, uncovering nearly 1/3 of the genes responsible for X-linked intellectual disability, finding ways to reduce the prevalence and impact of birth defects, and advancing diagnostic and treatment options for autism.

With the era of genetic therapeutics now upon us, GGC is poised to lead the way for many life-changing discoveries. However, if the hopes of yesterday are to become the realities of today, the application of novel and emerging technologies is a must.

GGC faculty have identified three vital project-driven initiatives that will propel the Center into the next level of scientific discovery: model organisms, confocal microscopy, and genomic sequencing

The Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation has a unique opportunity to provide funding for facilities, equipment and infrastructure to support these new technologies, but we need your help to reach our goal of...

$1.35 million by January 2020

which will allow the Greenwood Genetic Center to have a life-changing impact on countless patients and their families -here at home and around the world.

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