COVID-19 and GGC's Education Outreach

During this time of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), our focus is on the health and well-being of you, your students and our instructors. We are closely monitoring plans for the return to school across SC in the fall, and will share more information here regarding scheduling mobile lab trips or field trip to GGC as plans unfold.

GGC information regarding this virus can be found here.

Once school resumes, please note the following:
  • If you are making a field trip to the Center, please do not allow any student or chaperone with symptoms of influenza, COVID-19, or other contagious illnesses to attend.
  • If the Mobile Lab or Van is scheduled to visit your school, please notify us in advance of any illness concerns in your school. In order to protect the health of our instructors and your students and staff, cancellations may become necessary. If we cancel a trip, we will do our very best to reschedule.
We are monitoring reports from around the state, particularly as they involve schools and school districts. If we believe it to be in the best interest of our employees to cancel a trip, we will contact you with as much notice as possible.
Thank you for supporting our program, and we appreciate your understanding with these policies, as we all are watching developments,
Leta Tribble
(864) 943-4170
One Mother's Story

One Mother's Story

After a long three-year struggle trying to have children, our son, Charlie, was born on April 18, 2009. He was our miracle...perfect in every way! When Charlie was five days old, our pediatrician called to notify us that one of the numbers from the heel prick test was a bit high. We headed to the hospital that afternoon for more tests. I will never forget the following day. It was cool and crisp - not a cloud in the sky....

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